The Mason Development Center of Northern California

Mason Development Center Groundbreaking Ceremony November 6, 2009
DAS Representative, Raul Galvan, 
BAC 3 JATEC Trustees 
Gary Peifer, Dave Jackson, 
Tom Spear, Ron Bennett, Wayne Mika, 
Horst Mittlestadt, Albert Knauer and 
Apprenticeship Coordinator, Michael Height
BAC Local 3 JATEC realized the value of a training center and began research in 1998. Their efforts came to fruition with a Groundbreaking Ceremony on November 6, 2009. Below is a Timeline describing the progress of this endeavor.
Time Line of Events

May 2007 San Francisco Property listed For Sale
September 2007 San Francisco Property sold
October 2007 Active Property Search begins
April 2008 Tracy Building Site purchased
May 2008 Planning and Design Work begins
August 2009 Bidding process begins
October 2009 Funding secured
October 2009 Roek Costruction Co. selected contractor
November 2009 Construction begins
February 2010 Masonry begins
March 2010 Concrete floors poured
June 2010 Masonry Structure Complete
November 2010 Moved the apprentice office to MDC
November 29, 2010 First Training week begins

For More Information Contact The Apprenticeship Office

We take applications each weekday between the hours of 8:30 am. and 11:30 am. at the Apprentice Office. 

Apprenticeship Office

Mason Development Center
25347 South Schulte Road, Tracy, CA 95377
Phone 209-830-7200 Fax 209-830-7202

Office Hours: Monday – Friday   8:30am – 4:30pm